Klaudia Wegschaider

Klaudia Wegschaider

DPhil Candidate in Politics

University of Oxford

I am a DPhil Candidate at the University of Oxford, jointly funded by the Department of Politics and International Relations and Pembroke College. I have also been collaborating on a large project on migrant electoral rights at the Global Citizenship Observatory at the European University Institute. Substantively, my work focuses on the causes and consequences of electoral reforms. Methodologically, I seek to combine qualitative with quantitative, and experimental methods to shed light on different aspects of a puzzle. For example, in a working paper, I combine case study research, an analysis of observational data from Swiss referendums, and a survey experiment to argue that simultaneous proposals increase support for a reform. This project won the Best Paper Award at the annual NCCR Graduate Conference in July 2022 as well as the John Sullivan Award for the best graduate paper in the APSA Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behaviour section.

  • Party Strategies
  • Enfranchisement
  • Electoral Rights
  • Migration
  • Direct Democracy
  • Voting Behaviour
  • Mixed Methods
  • DPhil in Politics, 2018-present

    University of Oxford

  • MSc in Migration Studies, 2016

    University of Oxford

  • BA in Political Science and English, 2015

    University of British Columbia


(2023). The challenge of low visibility: immigrant activism toward enfranchisement. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (side project paper; peer-reviewed).


(2023). Studying politics at the local level in Germany: a tale of missing data. Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft (research note; not peer-reviewed).


Working Papers

Available upon request

(2023). The effect of simultaneous proposals: the case of immigrant enfranchisement. Winner of the APSA John Sullivan Award & Winner of the Best Paper Award at the annual NCCR Graduate Conference.


Dissertation Fieldwork

In my dissertation, I study the politics of enfranchisement based on in-depth case studies. These draw on several months of fieldwork in Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. In Switzerland, I was hosted as an NCCR Junior Visiting Fellow at the University of Basel. In Austria, I had the chance to join the Department of Government at the University of Vienna as a Visiting PhD. Due to travel restrictions and archival closures, I had to wait a while until I was able to do fieldwork—the wait was worth it!


Postgraduate Level:

Qualitative Methods in Politics
Teaching Assistant | Fall 2020 (Michaelmas)
Department of International Development | University of Oxford

Undergraduate Level:

Quantitative Methods in Politics (Q-Step)
Teaching Assistant | Winter 2021 (Hilary)
Department of Politics and International Relations | University of Oxford

Comparative Government (Oxford tutorials)
Retained Lecturer | Corpus Christi College | Fall 2019 (Michaelmas)
Tutor | Oriel College | Spring 2020 (Trinity)
Tutor | Pembroke College | Fall 2020 (Michaelmas)

Political Sociology (Oxford tutorials)
Retained Lecturer | Corpus Christi College | Fall 2019, Winter 2020 (Michaelmas, Hilary)

Politics in Europe (Oxford tutorials)
Retained Lecturer | Corpus Christi College | Fall 2019 (Michaelmas)